Monday, April 12, 2010

A Gardener in Heaven.....

Being a gardener at an abbey is a lovely occupataion. At least, for folks like me, who like to get dirt under my nails, there is something divine about being allowed the gift of time tending plants where so many others have gone before.
We've been having amazing sunny weather here, so it was a perfect Sunday afternoon. The garden in question was the herb garden, and there were too many herbs doing just what herbs do - and that is - running amok. So, I got to wade in and sort them out, putting lemon balm back in its place, cutting the sweet woodruff down to size and getting the mint to back off! away from the artemesia. Sweet Cecily looks so pretty where ever it comes out that you truly have to be heartless to weed it out of oregano, and woodruff and lemon balm....etc.
The question of the week is how to build community. John Bell has just arrived to start our formal sessions, and I'm looking forward to the conversation. Last night a few of us talked about the simplicity of time spent together, sharing food, work, worship, and the joys of creation. Iona itself holds a special draw for those of us in the church, as a place of worship for centuries - which has gone through death - for hundreds of years - and then - resurrection. There is a message here for the world wide church, of promise, of challenge, of hope!
Following our opening session this morning, we will head out to Staffa Island. There we will experiences the wonders of creation, including the geology of the island, and the wildlife. We are told the puffins are back, and hope to be able to see them up close. I'm also hoping to get into Fingals Cave! With the sun, we will all be wearing sunblock. Who knew we'd need that in Scotland? I'm going to have to borrow some.
Blessings on you all....


  1. I'm really enjoying your blog, Karen. Your descriptions are so vivid, I feel like I can see what you do. Iona sounds so peaceful. I wish I was there. Blessings on you (and Shannon!) and all who have gathered there.

    PS: It lifts my heart to know that heaven is wireless! :-)

  2. Dear Ann! Heaven isn't wireless. Heaven has a hotel with an internet haven we can go use for 1 pound for 15 minutes. The hotel has a lovely view....and a great front yard where you can sit, drink a pint (or have cream team if you wish) and watch the ocean between us and the Ross of Mull.
    Shannon - on the computer to my left - says HI!!